Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arrived and settled

It took nearly 24 hours traveling door-door but we're here and this place is absolutely amazing! The Andes are incredible and absolutely dwarf the Rockies. The scenery is incredible and everything is so green near Santiago. Here's a photo of Mount Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere at 22,841 ft) in the distance during our 2.5 hour drive from Santiago - Portillo.
I met most of the Men's US Team at the Airport in Atlanta which was badass. The're all awesome and nice guys and were eager to hear about how I won this trip. Coaches, docs, and trainers have been welcoming too. Great group of people!

We weren't able to get on snow today but played volleyball in the gym here with the team to work off the steam from traveling all night. Looks like we'll have early mornings to get out while the snow is rock hard. Haven't gotten the daily itinerary yet but looks like speed training (Downhill/SG) in the AM's and tech training (GS/SL) and dryland conditioning in the PM.

Here's a quick video of most of Portillo:

Oh and here's the view from my hotel window.....enough said.....I'm spoiled!!


  1. Great stuff Robby. Are you brign us home presents? :o)

  2. Oh my dear, I am so glad that you have arrived safe. But speed training! Oh well, mom will be back in stress city until your next update. But I know your are in heaven because "speed" is your love. have a great day! Love every minute of everything!

  3. Robby - have fun, have a great time, and send money!

    - Dad

  4. Hi Robby: This is from your uncle Royal and congradulations. The secenry looks awesome. Good luck in your quest