Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Portillo, Chile Baby!

Hello everyone who may be following this!
Today is Wednesday Sept 15th and I'm leaving for Portillo, Chile to ski with the US Ski Team in less than 48 hours! This is going to be an absolutely amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip that the US Ski Team, Nature Valley, and NASTAR have put together for me. I can't thank these sponsors enough for this highly anticipated experience.
This trip was awarded to me last March after I won the raw time at the NASTAR Finals Race of Champions in Steamboat Springs, CO. I consider myself extremely lucky to have this opportunity to walk in the same shoes as our US athletes as they're preparing for the World Cup season 2010 Olympics.
While I'm down there, I'm hoping to get to know the team and how a typical day is run during their intense pre-season training. Want to get involved but not too much as its all business for them down there. I'd like to see how they run their strength and conditioning as I run my own personal training business and I'm very into health and fitness. Hopefully they'll gimme a shot...
Finally, I wanna get the full Portillo experience and ski hard all day and party all night! Excited to experience the culture and ski some intense terrain which few resorts in N. America hold. I'm sure I'll get some good photos and videos so stay tuned.....
Robby Zehner


  1. We're officially jealous! Have an absolute blast down there.

    Pat Moore

  2. Hey Robby: I hope you are having a blast!! We'll be following you.

    The Bear

  3. Robby, don't let fear hold you back from sending money!